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About SpectrumWatch About Us
SpectrumWatch was founded in 1984 to revolutionize the way in which radio frequency sites were designed, planned and licensed. Since that time SpectrumWatch has grown and helped to design, plan, and/or license over 650,000 sites all over the world.

Today SpectrumWatch is one of the leading providers of wireless planning, licensing software applications and related services. SpectrumWatch's technology and services are designed to more efficiently plan and license wireless sites whether their use is 802.11 wireless LAN, digital cellular, or Land Mobile radio. SpectrumWatch is also currently the only provider that can take your site from the design stages to approval* by the FCC as we maintain the central computer network and software of the majority of FCC approved Frequency Coordinators.

* We can not and do not guarantee approval, only that we are a leading source to help you get your application approved and site designed properly.